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Thanks for taking the time to visit my website.  Many people living with sickness try homeopathy as a last resort but you have taken the first step to improvement of your health.  An increasing number of people are now using homeopathy as their main system of primary heath care.  No matter what sickness you may have, homeopathy offers a unique system of healing which has proven its effectiveness for over 200 years.

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What is Classical Homeopathy?

Classical homeopathy is the art and science of healing as laid down by its founder, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, (1755 – 1843).  This involves a detailed initial interview of one hour in which to present all concerns relating to your health. This includes:

a) physical problems
b) mental and emotional issues
d) medical and family history
e) life style and environment.

As a homeopath I am commited to bring you back to health and I pay very close attention to all of your symptoms, no matter how unimportant they may seem.  This is because each person responds to illness in an individual way and so displays his or her own unique symptoms.  I will finally select the most appropriate remedy for your condition, and so begins the process of restoring your health.  I will work in partnership with you for your long-term benefit, and to get the most out of homeopathic treatment it is vital that you follow my professional advice and also maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Please refer to “How to stay healthy”, below.

For more information on “What is Homeopathy” click here.

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How to stay healthy

Homeopathy can restore health, but staying healthy can be quite a challenge. Much of the advice on what to eat, how to exercise, and so on can be overwhelming and confusing.
Certain popular foods and drinks are less than healthy and can even interfere with homeopathic treatment.
Click here for this list.
An excellent resource for nutrition is the book, Nourishing Traditions. For other information on nutrition, exercise and health topics, click here.

Homeopathic First Aid

Have you ever stayed awake all night with a sick child, relative or friend? Did you fell helpless and scared, or angry with frustration? Learn to deal with these situations more effectively with a basic knowledge of homoeopathic first aid. Courses are run at the clinic several times a year. Cost is $65 for 5 hours of professional tuition.
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